Well, Hello!


Thanks for stopping by! Pink + Frillos is located just west of Greenville and about 30 minutes northeast of Grand Rapids on Lincoln Lake Ave. It’s my dream shop featuring unique gifts, bright home decor and easy to wear clothing.

We’re open Wednesday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4.   If those hours don’t work of you, ask about a private party or appointment shopping. I’d love to invite you and your friends in for an after hours event complete with sangria, snacks and sales. Let’s schedule your event, just give me a call at 616-204-1027 or send a note to april@pinkandfrillos.com.

Each week (almost) I post a tiny video clip on my Facebook page. They’re 2 minutes long (or so, sometimes I get long winded…)  and they go live each Tuesday at 2:00. Watch one of the Two On Tuesday Videos Here.  To stay current on all the upcoming events and shop news click over to @pinkandfrillos on Facebook.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to this dreamy shop, I hope you will linger, shop and be inspired. See you soon!

April Petersen, owner + boss lady in charge